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Krotchy Doll *DOES NOT TALK*
Krotchy Doll *DOES NOT TALK*
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Order your balls from China they said! They'll be great they said!  Well....turns out when your nuts are made by chinese children sometimes they just don't work! These Krotchy Dolls DO NOT TALK, thats why they are cheaper, please DO NOT ORDER THEM if you want talking balls, because they DO NOT TALK!

Krotchy is the baddest dollaround. Krotchy gets it done and sometimes Krotchy dolls don't talk!  This time around, Krotchy aint talkin!  We had some faulty units, and now were dumping on you for a discounted price.  You can even make Krotchy talk just by saying his famous lines yourself! "Krotchy ain't got no cajones, Krotchy IS cajones BITCH!" "Have a Krotchy Day!" "Only my father and prease can touch me there!"

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